Can I Install Two Graphic Cards Into The Alienware 17?

I was going to purchase the new Alienware 17 that contains one NVIDIA GeForce 780 graphics card. The Alienware 18 contains two of the 780 graphic cards but for $800 more. Wouldn't I just be able to purchase a NVIDIA 765, or 770 graphics card and have someone install it for me rather than spend the extra $800, and still have two graphic cards? Im not sure if the computer allows another graphics card or not.
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  1. No idea. You'll need to check three things.

    1) Size of the Alienware 17 Case: Does it have room for 2 full length video cards without interfering with PSU, drive bays, etc.
    2) Will the Power Supply Unit handle two GTX 780's.
    3) Does the motherboard they are using have 2 PCI-Express slots that are separated by two slots so you can install two cards onto the motherboard to begin with.
  2. I just looked at the Alienware website. Apparently the Alienware 17 is a laptop.

    I'd just have them install it for you. Customizing video cards in a laptop is not always possible in the aftermarket as they tend to be fairly proprietary.
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