First time build for family member, are these components compatible, suggestions welcome.

I'm trying to build a low budget computer for my Mother. I have an idea of what she needs, although the processor/RAM I picked are probably a little overkill. Nonetheless I welcome any suggestions in regards to the components if you feel there is a better option out there; she will be mostly using MS office, streaming video, listening to music and viewing pictures, etc. and is upgrading from a 7 year old laptop.

I'd like to stick with this build. My main question for the Tom's community is whether or not the parts are compatible. That is, will the PSU and mobo work together, and will the case accommodate the stock HSF that comes with the processor (there's an airduct built into the case and it's a small mATX case to begin with).

I've also read that the case in question can be tricky; it seems like the hard drive is difficult to mount due to the closeness of the RAM and some of the PLED pins are tricky to connect. I'd probably like to go with another case but the main constraint is case size. It can't really be any taller than 17ish inches and probably no wider than 16 inches. Also, it can't have any bright LED fans or gamer oriented bling. Case suggestions would be welcome.

Thanks in advance and please let me know what you think. I'm hoping this process will go swimmingly but I wanted to double check here to make sure I don't get stuck with incompatible parts.

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  1. Extra thermal compound is a complete waste of money, especially if you're not using an aftermarket cooler. That case is complete junk, and that power supply probably won't be able to handle that system. What is your budget? I'd probably go with an AMD APU instead of an FX-6300.
  2. Budget is about where that setup maxes out, 650$ or so including S&H. The estimated wattage is less than 200, so I think that a 430W PSU should be adequate; there won't be any overclocking. I've changed some things around:

    Lastly, my main question is in regards to the Corsair listed above and the mobo; do you see any problems with compatibility? Thanks.
  3. heres what i would get. makes much more sense than to get a fx 6300

    -thermal compound is a waste of time
    -extra fans arent needed
    -better psu
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