ASUS S400C: Installing Win7 and using touch screen?

I just got this laptop, S400C, it has a touch screen and Win8. I do not care for Win8. I have 1 install left out of a 3-pack of Win7 Professional installs. If I were to install Win7 Pro on this laptop, will I be able to utilize the touch screen, or will Win7 break the touch functionality.
I tried to look this up on the official Windows website for Win7, but it only lists certain displays that are compatible with touch, and none of the laptops
Please help! I can't stand Windows 8!
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  1. We actually don't have any Windows 7 drivers available for this model on our support site, so the S400CA isn't really meant to work with Windows 7. Since the drivers are not available, a lot of things will not function correctly, which includes the touchscreen. I'm not sure about generic drivers, but Asus does not have Windows 7 drivers for the S400ca.
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