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Hey all:

I have a i7 3770K that is overclocked using the overclock button on my MSI Z77A-GD65 motherboard. I had a COOLER MASTER Hyper EVO 212+ and the fan stopped working after a year. It just stopped spinning. I tried the stock Intel fan and that worked fine so I knew it was the COOLER MASTER fan. I am just wondering if I should buy a new cooler that is the same brand or get something different. I hear these coolers are supposed to be good so I was surprised when it stopped working. Anyone have any opinions on if I should try the same brand again or get a different kind. Don't really have a budget. Don't know if I want to try liquid cool either. Thanks!!
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  1. You can just get a regular 120mm fan, same size as the one that comes with the EVO (I would get two) then slap it on the Hyper 212 EVO, replacing the broken fan it came with
  2. Well it should still be under warranty? You should check on that.

    If not another option is a NH-D14, which is better than the Hyper 212 but its almost double the price...
  3. thanks guys for the replies.

    quicksand10: I can't really do that because the fan clips onto the heat sink and no other standard fans have the clips.

    Novuake: thanks and I will look into this.
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