ASUS AMD HD 7750 - will this work with my system?


I am looking to purchase the ASUS AMD HD 7750 (click here) but first I wanted to make sure if this will be compatible with my current system.

My system is a Dell Inspiron 620, from 2011, the CPU is an Intel Core i5-2300.
I have a standard mini tower (not the slim tower), and the tech specs of the motherboard and PSU are listed here click.

I currently have 4GB ram, and also plan to upgrade to 8GB. The current ram is dual channel DDR3, and this is what I am planning on getting: click.

Would the gpu and ram of choice be compatible with my current system?

All help will be appreciated, thanks in advance!
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  1. Based on the specs listed here:

    The GPU is compatible with your system, but may not run at full speeds because it seems like your motherboard only has PCIe 1.0 slots (read up on this subject, the HD 7750 is a PCIe 3.0 card, but it's supposed to be fully backwards compatible).

    The one thing is that your 300w power supply seems to be insufficient to run the video card. You will probably need to upgrade it. PSUs are not something to cheap out on. If I could make a suggestion, I'd say to buy a good one and take it to your next build. Take a look at these following brands: Corsair, Rosewill, Antec, Seasonic.

    I personally prefer Seasonic:
    Very good:
    Best, and completely silent:

    As for the RAM, any DDR3 would work. If it's an Intel Sandy Bridge, you should aim for two DDR3 sticks with lowest latencies at 1600MHz.
    For quality RAM, consider G.SKILL, Corsair, Kingston, Mushkin Enhanced or Crucial.

    If you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to ask.
  2. i will strongly suggest you to upgrade your psu and don't take any amd cards if you have pci-e 1.0 cause most amd cards aren't compatible with pci-e 1.0 (i also have a sapphire 7750 but it didn't ran on my old pcie- 1.0 mobo thats why i've to change it with a new one) .grab a zotac gtx650 (or other nvidia cards) as the nvidia card assures that they will be compatible with pcie 1.0 so you won't have any kind of problems with their card .amd cards are mostly uncompatible with pcie 1.0...but hey you have to buy a new psu so it can support nvidia cards .as they requires more powerful psu than defined .
  3. Thanks for the responses. Upon reading both of your answers, I did some more research into the subject, and found this thread:

    The guy that posted there pretty much has the same machine as me. I think I will go for a cheaper NVidia card instead, as I have a fairly limited budget and most likely will not be able to afford to swap out the PSU.

    What nVidia card should I look into that will allow me to simply swap out the current GT420 and replace with the new one?

    The ones I've looked at are the GT630 and the GT640.

    Would one of these be alright to just replace the current GT420 OEM? The one I want to get is the 640.

  4. Yes, but you will still need to upgrade your PSU. Check my initial reply :)
  5. quicksand10 said:
    Yes, but you will still need to upgrade your PSU. Check my initial reply :)


    Taking your advice I've managed to up my budget to incorporate a new PSU, the one which I plan to go for is the following:

    As for the GPU, my original intention was the 7750:

    However, now that there will be a new PSU, is there any other GPU you would recommend rather than the 7750, for around the same price? Pricing is the main factor in deciding the parts, as I'm kinda broke at the moment :P (university is too damn expensive!). The other possible GPU I had in mind was this 7770.

    As for the RAM, 2 sticks of the following is what would fit the budget:

    Is there an advantage in getting 2 sticks of the above rather than getting a single 4gb stick?

    Once again thanks for all the advice!
  6. With an I5, I find it very very unlikely that you have a PCI-E 1.0 slot.

    The CPU supports PCI-E 2.0 natively.

    AMD also has best performance and power efficiency at that price range.
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