Air vs Water cooling for 3770k

Hi, this is going to be my first custom pc. Ive picked out the 3770k. ive never had a "good pc" before so this is going to be my first time overclocking anything. I dont plan on overclocking it much, since its mostly for gaming and some video editing, so, should i air cool it with the Noctua NH-D14 or liquid cool it with like a h100i or something?
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  1. Can go either way, but unless you plan an extreme high OC, which it doesn't appear you do, so I'd stay with air, and the Noctua will do well, if watching the budget, look at the Hyper 212 EVO, for a lot less and does as well or better than the ones you listed, I have it on both my Ivy Bridge 4.7 and my Sandy Bridge 4.8, both go 24/7 and idle in the low 30s
  2. Both of these Heat sinks are basically the same performance it really does not matter what way you go whatever fits better and looks nicer in your case.

    The h100 is not true water cooling. It more like antifreeze cooling. It not a bad cooling solution is well designed to do what it does a true water cooling system will drop you around 300-400 dollars. The performance will be much better but it also requires a lot of focus drive and in some cases lot of maintenance for example my system uses an ice chest as a reservoir were I add 4/5 litters of ice in the form of 2 and 1 liter bottles ever 2/4 hours in order to make my system have 0-10 degree temps.

    If you want to have fun one day if you get the H100 is take it out of your system get a small nice chest and get a tone of ice and just dumb it all on top of your rad you temps will go down to near 0.
    But make sure your got going get any ice or water in that computer. Haha.
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