Will Nvidia drop price when gtx 760 release?

i decided to buy GTX 660 but my local store said wait a bit more until GTX 760 is out so 660 price will drop.

is it true? i know there's no accurate answer to this but according to previous new release is there's a price cut?

thanks :D
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  1. GTX 670's are currently coming down in price, mainly due to the GTX 770. The GTX 660 is going to be below the GTX 760 price point, with the GTX 660 Ti the one most likely to see a price drop. It all depends on price points and performance levels, but the GTX 660 isn't really in the mix, unless a price drop on the GTX 660 Ti crowds it out of the $200 price range, which isn't likely to happen. It all depends on if the GTX 760 is $250 or $300, that will determine the rest of the prices below it.
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