Best graphics card for eyefinity?

I am looking into getting a new graphics car and was wondering the best one for eyefinity I currently have the 7950 and want to get higher fps so I can play new games like bf4 and watch dogs on high settings. The res I will be playin at is 5760X1080. Was thinking of getting the 8970 when released? Or would crossfire my card be a good option? Any suggestions?
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  1. For 1080p gtx 770 one card is enough but if you think for something more than You can check gtx 770 sli. It is much faster than anyother GPUs at price point and performance too. Crossfire is not successful at the present time I heard lots of times so u can go for sli is best option. It will definitely kill ur resolution.
    I hope it helps.
    Thank you.
  2. I assume you will have 3 monitors at that resolution?

    If so I've had xfire 6970's and then SLI'd GTX680's at 5760 x 1080. Both achieve the same thing although I would edge towards Nvidia from reliability / ease of use perspective.

    Some games work well with xfire / SLI others do not, worth investigating further depending on your game preferences i.e. WOW only has a 20% performance increase with SLI, other games are much better.
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