Gigabyte GTX 660 - Overclock Guru II will not work/start

This is a hybrid question - hardware/software - about the OC software that comes with the Gigabyte GTX 660.

I just purchased and installed the Gigabyte GTX 660 and installed Gigabyte Overclock Guru II version 1.30 from the installation CD that came with the card. The installation was successful.

After installation, the program appeared in my system tray, but when I brought the window for it up, all values were blank/0 and not adjustable.

A more recent version (v1.46) was available on the Gigabyte website, so I installed that. The installation was successful. However, now the program does not appear in my system tray and when I run it from the installed shortcut, nothing happens. If I monitor system processes while running it, it will appear in my processes for a few seconds, and then disappear. No window ever appears and nothing shows up in my system tray.

I have rebooted several times and attempted this entire process several times, rebooting between each step. The results are the same each time.

Any ideas?
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  1. I contacted Gigabyte technical support about this, but they were not helpful on this issue.
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    Dont even worry about it. Use MSI Afterburner instead
  3. Awesome. Thank you.
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