Is my Hard Drive broken? Should I RMA?

Just bought a WD Caviar Black 1TB for a PC I built yesterday. Everything works on it but Windows kept telling me that my HDD was failing. So I did some testing and got these results:

Oddly, everything on the Hard Drive works. I don't even notice a problem with it.
So is it broken? Is there a solution? Should I RMA?
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    It is probably indicating that parts of the drive are bad, however you may have reasonably large amount of usable space. I would send it back ASAP, you aren't going to be happy if you think you saved a file only to realize you can't read it back again or a game or program crashes at the worst moment!
    E-mail WD the same info and I bet they will give you an RMA right away. Sometimes S&!t happens, got to deal with it sooner than later!
    Could try TestDisk, it's free, perhaps the MBR is bad and repairable, but I wouldn't bother on a new drive!
  2. Any issues like that on a new drive, RMA straight away, why pay money and keep a defective product?
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