best 120mm fan for top exhaust

guys can you recommend me a 120mm fan for exhaust in top of my case, which is a corsair 500r..
im poundering on Corsair's SP120mm performance fans, any other recommendations? thanks
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  1. Excellent choice
  2. can i just connect this fans directly to the PSU?
  3. Yes, use a molex to 3 pin connecter adapter. The fan will run at full speed all the time.
  4. okay thanks can you recommend me a nice fan controller?
  5. Wrong series - SP stands for static pressure. These are made for restrictive flow use- like radiator or hdd cooling. AF series is designed for use in cases flow. They come in high performance and silent. If using a fan control, get the AF high performance. Turn down for quiet, crank up performance still available when needed.

    Fan controller recommendations depend on how many fans u want to control, how many separate channels u want, how many bays you have to mount in, and what features such as touch screen you like
  6. okay thanks so i guess im going with the AF series because im using it for an exhaust?.. Does adding fans really helps my temps? Or it would just be placebo effect?
    Im looking to control atleast 5 fans..
  7. Assuming your fans don´t ruin your airflow in some way, additional fans always improve the overall temps.
    The question is only by how much.

    For example: A couple of years back I had a gaming PC with just a CPU cooler installed and I would even get bluescreens from overheating CPU.
    After installing a rear exhaust fan, my temps fell by an insane amount.

    Another example: At my previous PC (until 3 weeks ago ;) ) I had the CPU cooler installed, two fron intake fans, one side-panel fan and one exhaust fan. Then I played around with top exhaust fans.
    When I added another exhaust fan next to the rear fan and the CPU fan, my temps decreased by around 4°C.
    When I added one more top exhaust fan, my temps decreased a little further but just by 1°C (2°C at max).

    Short answer: It always depends on your setup. ;)
  8. well my plan is like your last example Som3one, the thing is i had removed my 200mm side-panel fan of my corsair 500r and replace it with a clear window acrylic, so that leaves me with two front intake and only 1 exhaust at the back, so my plan is to put two top exhaust fans to help out blowing out air inside, then after that i will add 1 bottom intake to blow in fresh air to the gpu and mobo..
  9. Sounds like a good plan. And a good airflow, too. ;)
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