Is my hard drive failing? Intel Rapid Storage detects error on RAID 0.

My computer (dell xps 8300) recently froze and upon restarting it it marked my RAID 0 hard drive as having an error. Surprisingly my computer still works same as always and after some investigating i traced the freezing to vuze trying to verify a file after it had already down. I deleted the files causing the freezing and have not encountered anymore issues yet. But i'm still very concerned, so i've run a check disk, which says the drive is clean and i've also run the dell support center HD tests (Long & Short) which reads everything as working fine. So is this just a case a corrupt file or the beginning of the drive failing all together. any help would be much appreciated!
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  1. looks like a case of a corrupt file to me.
  2. Ok a bit of an update i ran a another checkdisk which seem to come up clean but when the computer restarted afterwards the disk was marked as having an error again. So i ran the dell support center short and long hard drive tests again and its still saying everything is working properly. I then decided to try running some other hard drive diagnostics namely seagate seatools and Western Digital lifeguard. The drive passed the Seatool's test, but almost immediately failed the WD Lifeguard tests giving the error that there are too many bad sectors. Any advice on how to proceed would be much appreciated.
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    back up, back up, back up

    start backing up your data now.
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