Is there any way to use more than 3.5GB RAM in 32bit Windows 8-OS?

I am not a computer expert, but i heard something about about Physical Address Extension(PAE).Is it avilable for windows 8?Where to download?thnx in advance
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  1. There are PAE enabled Windows 7 kernels that will allow you to use up to 64GB of RAM in a 32bit Windows 7 installation. But they are not Microsoft approved (essentially being unnofocial hacks) and are not guaranteed to work and will likely cause driver issues.
    Far as I know, there are no Windows 8 PAE kernels out there.
  2. Or any other way to use more than 3.5GB RAM?
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    There is a kernel patch you could try. It's unofficial hack, not guaranteed to work and even if it does, future windows updates make break it down.
    Read the comments section first.
  4. You could turn the unusable RAM capacity for a RAM-Disk, and just store things like the pagefile in there. But using it as RAM proper, that Kernal hack is about your only choice.
  5. just install 64 bit, simple
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