Gigabyte Gtx 770 2gb vs Sapphire 7970 ghz edition 3gb

hello guys !!

iam wonder which gpu to buy

my main question will be

will the 2gb memory size will be enough for gaming at 1080p after 3 years from now ??

because the gpu will i buy i won't change it for 3-5 years !!!!
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    I would go for the 7970.
    The GTX770 is basically just an overclocked 680, which is outperformed by the 7970 Ghz. Games like Crysis 3 are already starting to breach 2GB at 1080p, so I can definitely see needing that extra VRAM in the future.

    Plus, you get a bunch of free games.
  2. At 1080p, 2 GB is just fine .... But you can get 4Gb models if ya worried

    As for which one ... read these and decide,3519.html

    At 1920 x 1080, we are talking a 15% advantage in "performance per dollar" but the difference in game bundles may sway ya
  3. $299 for the said 7970 ghz

    thats by far the better choice here, its not even an fair argument to compare these two cards.
  4. ^ The 7970 for $300 is quite a bit cheaper than the GTX 770. And with performance of the two being close it's a pretty solid upgrade.

    That said, I'm a fan of nVidia and the GTX 770.
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