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Recently I have assembled my first PC. I have purchased MSI-Z77MA-G45 and tried to connect my Graphics Card (HIS Radeon 7870 Ghz Edition). I have discovered that it needs two 6 pin PCI-E connectors which my 600W OCZ ModXStream PRO dosent have. Fine for the time being I have put my old GeForce 9800 GT and everything was working perfectly fine. I checked that I have got 2x 4-PIN molex spare so i purchased a extension 2x 4 pin molex to 1x 6pin pci-e with the good faith that the card would work only with one slot occupied. I have connected everything and it would seem that the card works however it was not being picked up by the system. So I deduced I would need to connect the second slot as well. I purchased another two PSU cables female 6 pin to female 6 pin. They would fit perfectly fine however when I tried to turn my PC on it would only move the fans for half of a second and the PC would not turn on. So i disconnected everything. Connected it back again after 5 minutes the computer turned on with my old GeFrorce 9800 gt connected instead of my brand new graphics card, however to my disappointment I do not have sound at all. My sound card is not being picked up at all. If I connect something to back of my PC windows do not recognize that I have got something connected. Tried my speakers, tried my MIC nothing works. I can't get my Realtek HD Adio manager to open anymore. It looks like i scrwed up big time :(

My question is can I connect my Radeon at all to this PSU? Is there any chance that I might have damaged my GPU? Is it possible to damage your motherboard with what I did? If i damaged my Motherboard can I send it back as a warranty repair? Please someone help.

My rig:
Intel i5 3570-K
Radeon 7870 HIS GHZ Edition
PSU ModXStream PRO 600W
8 GB Crucial RAM 1666 MHZ
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  1. High end video cards also take power from the pci slot. On the mb near the CPU did you plug in the four or eight pin power. Looking on new egg your power supply should have had all the cables you needed. The eight pin connector to the mb will be a black cable. The two six pin pci power cables are red. One will be a six pin cable with two wire flopping. I would try and reset your bios then check in the bios that the sound card chipset is still on.
    Go into windows device manager make sure the sound chipset drivers still there. Most time the error is windows sound device some times it sets hdmi from the video cards as main sound output. Just have to in sound manager make relteck speakers main output.
  2. Yes I connected the 8pin+4 pin to the MB. The problem with my PSU is that I have lost all those cables and i thought I would be able to replace them with just ordinary 6pin to 6 pin however it turns out they need to be specific cables.

    I have performed a CMOS Reset and still to no avail. When I go to device manager it dosent pick up any Sound devices. The only difference is my headset however those are being connected trough USB. When I go to sound manager I don't have any devices showing up :( does it mean my MB is faulty?
  3. MakE sure in the bios the sound chipset is on if it is then I start to rma you mb.
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