Which ssd to buy

I built my first PC about 2 years ago and I haven't upgraded it since but after hearing wonders about SSDs and after Putting up with frustratingly slow mechanical drives, I decided I would get one especially now that the prices are far more reasonable than back when I assembled my PC.
My problem is that since I live in Egypt, my choices are rather limited. I'm aware that the Samsung 840 pro is the best ssd out there for consumers, but we don't have the 256gb version and I want a 256gb ssd.
My options are:
Sandisk ultra plus 256gb
2x Samsung 840 pro 128gb, possibly in RAID 0
Kingston hyper x 3k 240gb(I hear it's unreliable)

The thing is that that double 840 pro combo costs DOUBLE the price of the sandisk, as in 256gb sandisk = 128gb 840pro, I'd only pay double if there is a noticeable speed or reliability difference (real world, not benchmarks). The Kingston lies in between them price-wise.

Long story short: is it worth paying double for the Samsung 840 pro?

I use my pc mostly for gaming, also movies and web surfing.

Amd phenom x4 955 be
Asus m5a88 evo
His radeon 5850
antec 550 watt psu
4gb Kingston RAM

Any input is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance
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  1. sandisk is good, the samsung might be 1-2% better.
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