Different temp reading from Core Temp and CPUID hwmonitor?

Running Prime95 right now to test for max heat, and I'm getting different reading from Core Temp 1.0 RC5 and CPUID Hardware Monitor.

45 and 46 from core temp
50 and 51 from hwmonitor

It's always a ~5 degree difference however, which leads me to believe that they are at least accurate, but why the difference in readings? Any ideas?

This is on a c2d e6750 btw
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  1. check the bios temp .. it will different with BIos too and download realtemp .. compare it .. test use IBT for short check , take temperatures approaching bios, the highest among the three .. that is used .. I think AIDA and relatemp will be approaching the bios and the result of lower CoreTemp 105 .. good luck
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