People can hear my sounds through Skype.

When I use Skype people can hear my sounds (gaming youtube, etc) through my headset. I've tried both front panel and rear panel audio jacks. I don't see stereo mix at all in my audio options and I've disabled all other audio devices except my headset but people can still hear my sounds. Please help.

UPDATE: I went to my Mobo's webpage and downloaded the audio driver. I can now see stereo mix and have disabled it. However people can still faintly hear my sounds but nowhere near as bad as before. Still any suggestions to completely fix the problem.
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  1. It's possible that you mic is capturing the sound being produced by the headphones. If you listen loud and/or your headphones are open backed, the sound could leak out enough.
    If that's the case, there's not much you can do about it.
  2. I think there is an option in Skype and other programs like that such as TeamSpeak that can send PC sounds to the connection. People use it when they want to play music for the rest of the group and still be able to chat and listen though the headset. Look for an option like that.

    You can test this pretty easily, unplug the mic part of your headset and see if they still can hear the sounds.
  3. When I unplug my mic everyone just hears static. I don't see any Skype options that would share my sounds. As for my mic sensitivity, the only way to stop it is to turn sensitivity down to 0 which effectively disables it.
  4. Try an add-on sound card.
  5. I don't plan on buying a sound card.
  6. Well I recently bought Siberia V3 gaming headset. Had the exact same problem. Neither of your "solutions" above or however you call them helped me.

    But after 2 days of going trought websites I took time, and thought about it for myself and I came up with and idea that worked for me.

    There's not the problem in the microphone, but in the headphones or speakers what windows calls it itself:

    1. Go to Control Panel
    2. Hardware and Sound
    3. Sound
    4. Right click on Speakers --> Properties
    5. Go to second tab ( I'd say its name, but I dont know how to translate it properly )
    6. Put everything to 0, except Realtek HD Audio OUTPUT!
    7. Restart computer, open BIOS or UEFI
    8. Disable front panel jacks and put from AUTO to ENABLE on Backside Panel Jacks.
    9. Enjoy your time on Skype : )
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