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Today my monitor started flickering every few minutes only small portions of the top and sometimes the bottom of the screen flicker and it happens about as fast as you can blink your eyes i have no idea how to resolve this right now i have googled around a bit and it has given me 3 options.

1. Try with a different GPU (not possible this is the only GPU i have)
2. Try with a different monitor (same problem here this is my only screen)
3. Increase refresh rate (i can only do 59 or 60 hertz both didnt change a thing)

My screen is a Iiyama ProLite E2473HS (not even a year old) and my GPU is ASUS HD6870 (just over a year old)

I also updated the drivers on the GPU with no effect i checked if the wiring was in properly i honestly have no clue if its my screen or my GPU if someone can give me advice to fix this or have another way to test which of the 2 is at fault i would be very grateful.
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  1. It's possibly the psu is under-powered and is not providing adequate power to the video card, you'd only notice it when usung high FPS or gaming for more than 2 hours.

    What is your PSU?

    As for the GPU,, you could suse the onboard video out.
  2. I have a Corsair GS700 i never had any problems with this system or monitor this problem just popped up today and its been flickering every few minutes ever since my computer runs perfectly it is just extremely annoying.
  3. Check the cables to the monitor, if you don't use the screw-downs, it's likely to be knocked loose and only give intermittent output.
  4. Already tried that before didnt change a thing i do notice my screen is flickering at faster rates now while i am typing this it already flickered 3 times while it was once every 4/5 minutes or so before and the screen flashed black for half a second aswell not to long ago it seems that if i let the computer idle it flashes every few minutes if i am going over the internet it happens in shorter intervals.
  5. Possibly the video cardis failing, try onboard video out and see if flickering continues, it could be the monitor that is at fault.
  6. How would i enable the onboard video? i am not to knowledgeable about these kind of things.
  7. Connect the vga cable to the vga port on tthe motherboard back panel. Boot uip then go to bios and select onboard video out as primary.
  8. My motherboard (Gigabyte GA 970A-UD3) does not have a VGA port it does not have a DVI or HDMI port either so i am assuming it does not even have a onboard graphics card?
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    Well you can't be sure of anything until you acquire another video card or PSU.

    Perhaps you could connect to your TV?
  10. Hooked it up to the TV watched a show for 30 minutes worked perfectly hooked it back up to my monitor it started flickering again within 2/3 minutes tried using my HDMI cable as i had to do with my TV but my monitor just kept saying no signal so either my DVI cable which i normally use or my screen is at fault either way i know what direction i have to look in now, thankfully i have 3 years of warranty so it will not cost me a thing thank you for helping TenPc.
  11. It could be the type of cable or it still could be the monitor but if the monitor had worked fine previously then it's the monitor that has become the fault. Some monitors dobn't reall ylast all that long, older ones only have a life span less than 5 years when used with extrememe gaming or video editing techniques. Hopefully the Manufacturer/retailer does replace the monitor.
  12. I do use my computer very often but my previous 2 screens worked both for 4/5 years without a single problem ever occuring before replacing them, this one is from last christmas and it seems to go faulty already just hoping its a accident but i am sure it will turn out fine in the end once again thank you for helping.
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