Good FPS Mouse?

Title says it all preferably one with a on the fly dpi/sniper button.

Also what is a good mouse pad?
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  1. I use a couple of mice, one is a Roccat Kone + great mouse for people like me with mid- sized to large hands the only problem is that I had to RMA the thing for a busted scroll wheel. My back up mouse is a Logitech G500. Great mouse but the cord is braided and after using it for 4 years it started connecting and disconnecting but I definitely got my money's worth. I use a Ratpadz gaming surface
    it's 19.99 once you put it in the cart and free shipping.
  2. my logitech wired survived many a rage slam and keeps ticking. I also use a microsoft gaming mouse....... feels different in the hand... a little taller in back. Nice to be able to switch between different mice.
  3. Corsair. M70/M75 I believe. They are FPS oriented with dedicated sniping (DPI shift) buttons in addition to the standard DPI+ and - buttons.

    The M90/M95 is also an excellent mouse, very comfortable, but may have more buttons than you need. It's heavy too, so I think its better suited for those who use high DPI and don't move the mouse too much.

    I own their mousepad as well, the MM400, its very good. Gliding is smooth but it is textured enough for very precise control. Its also cheap (at least it was when I bought it).
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