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Looking for a modular PSU for a good deal and stumbled upon, as well as this, and wanted to get some input on how good these are and maybe if anyone has other suggestions I'm open to them. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Both are good. Tough call, but I'd probably go with the Seasonic for consistent quality across ALL of their product lines; Rosewill can't make that claim.
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    For the same price, go for the Seasonic that's rated 80 PLUS GOLD

    And I have to agree with Onus. When I choose a PSU, I choose Seasonic, but I appreciate quality from Corsair and Antec, as well as Rosewill
  3. Thanks for the input from both of you. Will go with the Seasonic GOLD and was leaning towards them in the beginning but solidified my choice from the suggestions. Thanks again.
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