Anyone notice RAM is starting to cost a lot more the last few months?

I just added a new video card to my system and now all I want to do is add some more ram. I checked the prices on newegg and partpicker and I was very surprised how much another 4gb costs.

When I initially built my system, December, a pair of 2GB sticks only costed me $20. Now, they have essentially doubled in cost. Anyone have any ideas why? Is there something I missed out on?

I want to upgrade my system so I can play BF3 a bit better but, are prices ever going to go down any time soon for ddr3 memory?
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  1. Yes, there is a shortage again.
  2. It is mostly due to the rise in demand on the mobile platform (tablets, ultrabooks, etc), and a shortage. RAM is volatile when it comes to prices, but ddr4 is due out in the next year or two, so prices will fall
  3. In February of this year a big ram vendor went under.

    That left the remanding vendor to be able to push the cost of ram up.
    Before there were to many vendors outputting cheap ram.
  4. Ah, so do any of you think the prices will be back to what they were about 5 months ago within the next month or two? I want to upgrade my system with more memory but if it will be a lot less cheaper in a month or so, I'll just wait for then.
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