Do I have a CPU bottleneck on my video card?

I just purchased and installed an ASUS GTX 650Ti OC Edition video card which features 1GB of GDDR5 memory into my computer. I have noticed a MAJOR increase in performance compared to my old video card, the GT 620, in all of my games. One of the major reasons why I purchased the card was because I wanted to be able to play Battlefield a lot better.

My FPS is all over the place playing on 1080p when playing BF3.. In one spot I can be running butter smooth on recommended settings and two seconds later I could be jumping from 25-50 frames. Just out of curiosity if it was more RAM I needed, I added 8 more GB to my system and it didn't help. It was then I concluded that it was most likely my CPU, the Intel Pentium G860, that was bottlenecking my video card.

Is that a right assumption? Or is there something wrong with my video card? Thanks!
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  1. hafijur said:
    Yep, the g860 is really a low end cpu not designed for gaming. An i3 3220 will go well with your card though.

    Ah, as I assumed.. That kind of stinks. Glad my video card isn't bad though.
  2. Can I get any more input on this? What do you recommend me upgrading to? I don't want to buy a new motherboard so it has to be a Sandy/Ivy bridge processor.
  3. hafijur said:
    I5 3470 or i5 3350 or i3 3220 or sandy i3 2100 or i5 2300.

    How much of a performance increase would I get from upgrading to a sandy i3 2100?
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