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I have a asus k53tk laptop and it has an amd hd 7670m dedicated graphics card. Amd catalyst says I can enable dual graphics which i think is also called amd crossfire x. Now I've enabled show amd radeon dual graphics status icon (where applicable). When I play games like league of legends and need fore speed the icon doesnt show up. Does it mean dual graphics isnt working? I've also set these games to high performance in amd dual graphics settings so that dual graphics works on these games. My question is is dual graphics working?
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  1. You can enable crossfire, but Im fairly certain you can do that without 2 cards installed. To crossfire you have to have 2 cards connected and typically with laptops that is not a very viable option.
  2. My laptop is able to use dual graphics and i have 2 graphics cards integrated and dedicated. But you didnt answer my question... My question is... is dual graphics working? since there is no icon showing up while playing games even though ive enabled [ Show AMD Radeon Dual Graphics Status Icon (when applicable) ] and ive setup the games i play to high performance
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    You can try to use msi afterburner which displays the gpu usage of both cards while you are in game, if both card are being used you will be able to tell on the graph. My guess is the icon just isnt showing up.
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