Is its possible for a soundcard to overheat?

I have a soundblaster Z directly under my pair of 680s and it get INSAINLY hot when my case its open (for lans and such) and im worrying that it will over heat
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  1. a soundcard won't overheat on its own accord which is why they're typically fine with passive cooling, but if other components are restricting airflow or radiating heat to it then i suppose it is possible. in your case it'd be a good idea to point at fan at it if you can.
  2. it has a large EMI plate over the whole thing that gets HOT after about an hour of gaming but this only applys at lan partys where my side panel is off
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    if it's getting that hot with the side panel off then it's probably getting just as hot or hotter with the side panel on. if you think it's getting hot enough to possibly overheat then point a fan at it - surely you can jerry-rig a standard 80mm fan inside the case to put some airflow on it.
  4. Cool, things inside run 12 degreees cooler with panel on but I might just do what you say and put a smallish fan under it
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