Rosewill Blackhawk Ultra super tower-case mods

Hey guys. Just bought this case and waiting on it to arrive. I am very interested in modding this case for a clean view of the inside. Also, for a case this size a huge issue is the non-hinged side panels. As this will be my first time modding any advice and/or pictures of possible mods for the side panel and hinge ideas are welcomed.

here is a link to the case

i have already purchased some dust filter material and magnetic tape to add some much needed dust prevention according to many reviews. bought some red led lighting as well. want to show it off with a nice door and still use the fan.

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  1. Also im interested in finding out if it would be possible to control the fan hubs in the case with a fan controller by backfeeding the hub with a splitter like this

    in theory i should be able to backfeed by using the 4 pin pwm port and plugging the cpu port into the hub...i think. in total i will have the 8 fans that come with the case, a fan behind the mobo, and an h60 from this controller:

    is it possible?
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