Reboot loop with Nvidia drivers after bad game crash

Howdy all,

I had an unusually bad crash today while playing a game that should not have taxed my system much (Neverwinter Nights 2).

It started with a few blinks of black screen, followed by some sound glitches then a complete system lock up -- complete with mostly black screen, static graphical nonsense and a broken-record-like audio output.

All I could do was press the power button to shutdown, and on restart I was trapped in a reboot loop.

After trying several "Windows 7 reboot loop fixes" nothing worked, but I could boot in safe mode. Eventually I deleted all my Nvidia graphics drivers, which I recently updated to 320.18, and I could finally boot in normal Windows 7. But as soon as I reloaded the drivers (or any older drivers) I was back in the reboot loop.

My gut is telling me my GPU or power supply got fried. And -- since I built this system some time ago -- my gut is telling me this latest Nvdia driver was the cause some how. Does anyone have any direction for me? Is this hardware or software, and how can I know for sure?


Asus M3N-HT Deluxe, nForce 780 a SLI
Asus GeForce GTX 650 TI
Corsair TX series 750 watt power supply
AMD Phenom II X4 965 3.4 Ghz processor
8 gigs Corsair XMS2 DDR2
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  1. Did you check temps?
  2. DjDafiDak said:
    Did you check temps?

    I am ashamed to say I didn't. Since I had only recently upgraded the Nvidia driver, I immediately deleted it and reinstalled 314.xx (the most recent one I knew was functional). I've had issues with newly released Nvidia drivers in the past, so I thought it would be a quick fix. Ohh, hindsight. That wiped the Nvidia hardware monitoring software that would have kept that log -- unless of course there is somewhere else I can look.

    As I said before, reloading the graphics drivers, with the Nvidia control panel, triggers the reboot loop. In safe mode, the real nvidia driver isn't loaded, so the card isn't running to full potential. I don't know that checking temps there would be relavant.

    Currently, I can start normally with the standard VGA compatible driver and all my other Nvidia drivers up. If I install the graphics driver, everything keeps running, but when I restart to finish the reinstall, it reboots immediately after the "starting windows" splash screen. I'm at a loss for what/how to troubleshoot next. I've checked the voltage and temps for my CPU in bios, and everything there looks hunky dory, so I think my PSU is OK.

    I know the time for the initial crash, is there anywhere I can look for a log of temps? Also, if the card temp is spiking out right after POST, is there a log for that?
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