Which option to go? SSD+old hdd or new 1tb?

My friends pc seems to be loading really slowly in almost everything, the hdd we got from an old HP and its a 200gb 7200rpm samsung spinpoint sata 3gb. Ran HDTune and the read speeds on avg were like 25mbs and the max was 52mbs, my 1.5tb seagate 7200rpm sata3gb was near 100mbs avg and like 200max, and my wd blue 7200 500gb sata 6gb was a little faster, my drives are newer with barely 70days of run time on them where my friends is like 250 days. In Windows its always showing the loading sign and is slower than i think it should be, its not terribly fragmented. Would this just be because its an older drive? or something that can be fixed?

And if its just old would it be worth getting a ssd around 180gb and use the hdd as a storage or just go get a new wd 1tb as boot and storage?
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  1. YOu should just get 120gb SSD and a new 1tb HDD, it would cost roughly the same price.
  2. well his board limits him to 3gb sata and id rather not have him purchase two new drives and getting a 180 gives him similar storage to what he uses now and then have a data drive, ik a ssd help alot in load and boot times but for about $70 he can get a wd blue 1tb and be done or spend about $140 for a new 180gb ssd or if my other friend updates he can buy his older intel 180gb X25 sata3gb ssd for about $70 which at the moment seems like the best idea but my other friend isnt sure if he wants to go get a new ssd

    Chose the 180gb because at the momment its only $40 more for the 180gb over the 120gb
  3. Well it depends on how much storage he is using too, for many people 380gb is not that much, but if he doesn't need much then just go for the SSD like you said.
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