Need help with random hard crash during heaving gaming

Im getting some random hard crash during heavy gaming sessions, and the main screen that I am gaming on just displays random static.

I would like to know if anyone has any ideas on what is the cause?

my specs:
CM HAF 912 (2 standard 120mm fans, in and out)
4670k (stock clock)
hyper 212 evo cooler
msi z87-gd65
4 sticks of 2 gb g.skill ddr3 1333 (stock clock)
sapphire 7870xt (stock clock) powering 2 1080p displays
samsung 830 128gb ssd (main)
2 western digital green 2tb drives
550W Fata1ty psu

I suspect that my PSU might be a bit too small, as I have been using this PSU for about 3(?) years, but my UPS shows that I never exceed 450Ws draw.
I dont think my CPU and GPU temps exceed 80'c under load.
All drivers are up to date from MSI and AMD.

So I am at a loss, any info would be most appreciated.
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  1. The 7870 wants 500 watts...but remember any 7950 core that is fabricated that cannot run at full spec gets binned and sold to Sapphire as Tahiti LE for the 7870XT cards .... so figure an extra 20 wtts
  2. so its a power supply issue?
    Any recommended PSU?
  3. finally upgraded to this guy: Corsair TX650
    Updated all drivers.

    Still seeing the freeze at peak loads.

    Is it time to RMA the board?
  4. With the static lines,not just crashing, I think you are right; time to look at the video card. If you have another available that is similar give it a try and see if the problem persists.
    If you don't, by all means RMA it and get another, 'specially in view of the info JackNaylorPE just passed on.
  5. Thanks for the input.

    I just want to be certain that fixing the right problem.

    Do you think its a GPU problem?
    Could it be MoBo?
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    Mobo's do go out, but they are pretty tough. I would suspect the video card since you already took care of the PSU question.
    As I said, if you can borrow someone's card and try it in your PC,, that's really the only way to know for sure.
  7. Just talked to Sapphire, and they think its a GPU issue :P... Now I feel like I didnt need to get a new PSU :(

    Thanks nostall for your help.
  8. navierstokez2 said:
    Just talked to Sapphire, and they think its a GPU issue :P... Now I feel like I didnt need to get a new PSU :(

    Thanks nostall for your help.

    Well, regarding the PSU, you now have a little headroom on the power side if you want to mess with OCing, and the new PSU should run a bit cooler and more efficiently and last quite awhile: Yeah, you didn't need to spend the $, but along with what I just mentioned you now have a PSU that is a "known good, working PSU" that you can use to test problems in the future or let friends use for the same reason. Or sell and get some $ back! (Your old PSU)
    Somewhere down the line, when you are satisfied with the responses and the PC is back up and running, please close this thread by selecting a Best Answer.
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