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My roommate and I have had a Linksys E1000 for a little while now and until lately have had no issues with it. For the past week, though, our download speeds have been drastically different. My roommate has a Dell laptop that has a pentium cpu and is getting over 5mbps download speeds while my Acer with an i3 is lucky to get 1mbps. I've run anti-virus scans, malware scans, even did a cccleaner run and I cannot figure out what the issue could possibly be. We even tried a hard reset of the router, but still no improvement. Anyone have any thoughts on what my problem could be?
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  1. Some Mb with intel Ethernet ports have slow downloads due to the extra safety software intel drops with there network driver. If your system has a Realtek ethernet card try the newest driver from relteck and the newest intel chipset driver. I would use msconfig and under the start up tab turn everything off but your anti virus. Also look under add remove programs for two anti virus or firewall software.
  2. Just put your Eth port on higher QoS.
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