CPU graphics are all of a sudden barely able to handle games?

Ok, so i've had to RMA 2 graphics card, so in the waiting time of the first RMA i used my CPU Graphics *I7-3770 - HD Graphics 4000* and it seemed to run games fairly well at near-high settings. I recently RMA'd another card *Being the 2nd RMA* and now whenever i play a game on the CPU Graphics, i have to turn the settings to all low in order to play, and it even still has slight lag. The temperatures on the CPU are 32-35c idle and around 40-50c under load. Everything in my build is fairly new, except for maybe the PSU, but it has seemed to work fine without any flaws (Who knows, maybe it's that causing all of the RMA's and problems). The graphics cards were EVGA 660 SC.

Full system Specs -
i7-3770 - Stock Heatsink
Corsair Vengeance LP 16GB
Corsair GS600 PSU
Case : http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811156284&Tpk=RAIDMAX%2520Full
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  1. tried updating drivers?
  2. I've updated the Intel Drivers as well as the BIOS
  3. What games were you able to play at near-high settings with integrated graphics? I can play Planetside 2 on all low settings on the lowest resolution with my i5-3570K.
  4. What games?
  5. Well, CoD 4, Minecraft, World of Warcraft, I could play Black Ops 2 but on Medium settings.
  6. 50c under load sounds fake, have you done any Burn-in testing? Especially on stock cooler.
  7. Vistalgic said:
    Well, CoD 4, Minecraft, World of Warcraft, I could play Black Ops 2 but on Medium settings.

    No way you play those games (well maybe minecraft) on high on an IGP.
  8. Hi Vistalgic. It's possible that the Intel and Nvidia drivers are/were in conflict and the video cards were fine. Next time you put in a discrete video card disable the Intel video in the BIOS and remove any Intel video drivers from the system before installing the new video card driver. The low performance of the 4000 Intel video is what I would have expected, the fact that you were experiencing accelerated output might suggest that the hardware was being accessed by the Nvidia diver and being processed by the Nvidia card before being sent to output via the PCIe bus. Once the video card was removed you lost the Nvidia chips graphic processing power.
  9. Well, i would have already removed my graphics card as well as the drivers before using the iGpu. I remember specifically on World of Warcraft on Near ultra settings about 50-60 fps, and know i have to keep it on "Good" settings to get around the same FPS. I used to have an old gaming computer with a GT 240 in it and the iGpu ran slightly better than it, but all of sudden it doesn't.
  10. what games?
  11. I can't even run WoW on ultra smoothly.
    And that's with a HD 5770.
    I'd be surprised if you can run it at Fair smoothly.

    The HD 4000 is nowhere near as fast as the GT 240.
    It's on avarage more than twice slower.
  12. If with a purged system you were getting 50-60 FPS on high resolutions then you were very lucky. Most users report generally poor to modest performance at best. I can't help but feel that the Nvidia driver was responsible for the performance spike as those sort of numbers are a walk in the park for Nvida. You can fiddle all you like with the iGPU4000 it's gonna give you squat. I'd suggest as before, put in a new graphic card and purge the Intel driver and shut the iGPU down from the BIOS and you'll be fine.
  13. buy a graphics card.
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