Computer Re-boots after BIOS Splash Screen


Upon turning my PC on, the BIOS Splash Screen is displayed, followed by a black screen, and again the Splash screen shows up. This continues infinitely.

The splash screen lets me enter BIOS Settings [by F2 Key]. I tried restoring default BIOS Settings but it did not work.

Last time my PC had been up for sometime due to which it went to Sleep Mode. In hurry, I turned off the mains before going out, forgetting about the Computer.

Upon returning and turning on the PC, a black screen, and the mouse cursor was what I got. It was stuck like that, and I was left with no option but to restart the PC using the Restart Button on my CPU.

Ever since then I am facing the problem that I described above.

I assumed that the problem was my MBR, which might have ended up being corrupt. So I tried installing Ubuntu from a disc. The install process went as it should, but on restarting, the same problem continued. The Ubuntu MBR [whatever it is called] did not come up, as I expected.

Currently I am using Ubuntu directly from the disc. It's working perfectly. So I think it is the Hard Disk that's giving the trouble.

I was using Windows 7 Ultimate, 32-Bit.

What should I do?
Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot.

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  1. Anyone? Any ideas?
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    Have you tried a system repair using the Windows 7 DVD?
  3. Thanks for your reply kenrivers. I will try and report back.
  4. Before you do that it might be worth tapping Function 8 key as you power up the machine then select "Disable automatic restart on system failure". There may be some information on the blue screen that shows up.
  5. @Saga Lout: Thanks for the suggestion, I forgot to mention but I had tried to do the same. But I could not get the Advanced Boot Options Menu.

    I finally got my computer working. I simply had to install a copy of Windows 8 [Developer Preview] on my hard-disk. That got things working. I suppose my MBR got corrupted, however, a fresh install of Windows fixed that.

    Also, repair option, using Windows 7 DVD would do the trick too, I suppose, but I did not have my copy with me at that moment. I had an iso of Windows 7 Repair disk, it would work too, I think.

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