Can this be a Good Low Budget Home PC + Medium Gaming ?

I want to build one PC for me. This will be my first time.
Though, my budget is very low --- About $250, I have some of the essential components from before.
I am living in India and the total cost rises up to Rs.16,007.
I just have to buy three components : Processor, RAM, Motherboard.
Here it is :
AMD A10 6800K Rich Land APU :

MSI FM2-A75MA-P33 Motherboard :

Kingston HyperX Blu DDR3 4 GB PC RAM :

PSU : I have one : 350Watt AT Power Supply.
DVD Drive : I will be mounting one from my old dead Laptop.
HDD : I will be taking it from my current laptop : 160Gb 5400RPM.

Cabinet : I have it.
Monitor : I have it : 15Inch CRT Monitor
Keyboard + Mouse : I have them.

So, What is your suggestion ?
Is this a good Desktop PC ?

My Current PC : (It's slow) :
Dell Vostro 1015 : Celeron 900 @ 2.2GHz w/ 1GB DDR2 RAM w/ 160GB Hard Drive.
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  1. so long as your not expecting to much it will be a nice step up from your current rig as long as you not expecting too much in the likes of crysis and battlefield most of the older and less demanding games should play nicely
  2. I don't do much gaming. And if I do, It's just flash games or one of my favorite games : Rail Works 4 Train Simulator 2013.
    What about the CPU Performance ? Is it good at performing tasks ?
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