anker laser gaming mouse. 2000dpi.

so anker sent me another mouse. this time its a 2000dpi claw gripper.called akner precision gaming mouse...
yeah not the catchiest of titles but really who cares what its called, its how it perfoms that matters.

first off on opening the box your greeted with a sleak stealthy looking thing that wouldnt look out of place on a f-117 night hawk, sporting 7 configurable buttons.
your leftright and middle, 2 thumb and 2 dpi all of which as i said can be reconfigured.
i plugged it in and it lit up with a very brilliant blue which illumiates the whole of the top of the mouse through a cracked glaze pattern along with the anker logo.
the use of a clear stip around the middle does give the mouse an overall sharp look.

on the underside its a very basic affair, 2 large low friction pads and the sensor. the glide profile is very slick on my mat (razer destructor) so i was optomistic.

the side button placement is nothing new but they have placed thenm in such a way so you can press the front 1 with the tip of your thumb and the back with the pad.
allowing you rocker the bottons without having to reposition each time you need to press it...
this is my biggest gripe with most thumb buttons they are often just an after thought but not on this.
some 1 has actually taken the time to see what was needed to get the best responce for the minimum of movment.
after all your thumb although good for grippin isnt the most versitile of your fingers, so a definate PLUS for this.

now to test fuctionality.

after a few seconds the mouse auto detectedand i was ready to rock and roll.

i pull out windows paint and start drawing lines and circles. because the mosue is low dpi i expected it would have a lot of prediction/angle snapping and it did.
in some cases this can be a bad thing but in this instance its not at all a problem. its not intrusive and doesnt stop the mouse creating smooth arcs.
so they have worked some deep black art magic to get the basics right.

like i said 2000dpi but in incriments of 500 so not a huge range of options. your allowed to store 4 dpi profiles, so no worse than many other.
most gamers really dont need more dpi but they do need accurate responcive sensors and this appears to be fact it reminded me a lot of my old logitec G5 and any1 who knows mice will tell you it was 1 of there better mice.
personally i would have prefered a lower step rate and the adittion of seperate x/y but after using it i found it didnt really affect me much at all.
look at it this way. £15 you cant expect em to give you every feature, but being said they have given us some very nice 1s in there place that aint in some much higher end software never mind budget.but more on that later.

max polling rate can be set from 125 to 1000ms.
the actual poll rate is 0-1000 depending on how fast your moving the mouse, basicaly you stop moving and the pollrate drops to 0 and as soon as you do move it climbs to its maximum and will hover around it till you stop moving again... now you may think this odd but some of the better high end mice have this feature. it helps increase the overall smoothness of how the sensor reads your movment and how it reacts to your movements... this is a pretty techinal excersise to get right and they seem to have done it without adding huge costs to the end user.
in the mouse software you get all the sliders to adjust the above and some others to affact lighting, its brightness, pulse rate and off/on.

theres also up to 5 gaming profiles which can also be stored with the added options of macros, this is a sweet little addition that really sets the software appart from other budget orientated mice.
a sweet little feature is how the game sets up and uses the profiles 1s there created.
when your finished creating your game profile and you go to save it. your also asked to select the path to the games main exe, as soon as the mouse detects that exe running it auto loads that games profile.

so no having to navigate taskbar menues to find your prefered profile. this is a great addition wich i hope they can expand on by making them unlimited in the amount of games it can remember. hopefully they will add this feature to the rest of the mice in there gaming range.(i cant really tell you how pleased with this little addition. its a sweet idea, well implimented on what is a budget mouse)

there are more software features but there just your typical scroll speed. pointer speed and acceleration as well as click speed for the l.m.r buttons.

final thoughts.

again anker have suprised me with something special for the money. at around £16 you wont do much better in fact i couldnt find much at all in this price bracket that you could call gaming grade but this little beuty definatly is.

smooth accurate, fast with great a great feature packed software.
a very impressive 9/10 it really doesnt get better for the money.
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  1. Am I correct in thinking apart from the side buttons this mouse is shaped for use by left & right handed people, ie symmetrical? If so I will get one for my second PC as good left handed mice are hard to find. Thanks for the review.
    Do you know anything about the company as they seem to have mainly what I suspect are selling generic Chinese products with there branding, not that there is anything wrong with that and they all seem good quality by the reviews.
  2. there a brand marketing company. i think there either u.s or dutch based. i know there a brand of Ianker they quality control the stuff they brand, but yeah i think thats what they do as far as the hardware goes but they do seem to have a propper say in how there products are designed on the software side.
    yeah the mouse is and ambi design apart from the side buttons so lefties can use it 2...
    there actually no different to most of the high end manufacturers. i think most of them have there mice made in the same few factories in china.
  3. i forgot to mention that they are sending another mouse in a few weeks. which should sit between this and the 8000dpi mouse.
  4. Thanks for the info I am in no hurry so I will look out for your verdict on the next one. Do you know how it compares to the Steel series Xai as its the only decent gaming mouse I have owned and one of the few suitable for left handed people.
  5. really this 1 cant be compared. the xai is an 8200 dpi mouse i think which is more akin to ankers higher end mice.
    imo the xai a bit is over priced.
  6. I didn't realise how much the Xai was until I just checked, I paid £35 for mine and thought that was alot.
  7. to be honest the xia looks better to me. but functionality for a gamer goes to the anker. reason being they both have exactly the same sensor so are extremely similar in tracking performance. although i did notice a little positive acceleration in the SSX that isnt there on the anker. this could be down to there firmware.
    still both very nice mice in the respective price brackets. but the xai to me is an office/professional mouse rather than a gaming 1. even though it will do it very well. it just looks more minimalistic and stylish.
    whether you think thats worth the extra 60 or so, thats up to you.
  8. I already have a Xai but will get an Anker one for a second PC thats only used for gaming occasionally unless I prefer it then the 2nd PC gets the Xai.
  9. So I just bought this mouse, but am having trouble with the software. It seems as if the software isn't talking to the mouse, as when I change the settings, nothing happens. I have the newest software downloaded. I know this is an old post, but I'm hoping you can still help. Thanks!
  10. remove all the software by uninstalling it from program and features.
    go to device manager and uninstall the mouse. turn off the pc and unplug the mouse
    turn the pc back on, wait for the desktop and plug the mouse in. it should install the driver and flash the mouse when its finished.
    1s done install the mouse config software.
    it should start responding. if it doesnt then its likely you will need to return it.

    sorry i cant help more i was just asked to review it, i dont work for them.
  11. It worked perfectly. Thank you for your help, and I am enjoying the mouse even more now. Cheers.
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