Noise from fan and shutdowns, do I need a new power supply, UK

I was practicing 3D on Maya on my IBM PC a week ago, and a new unlikeable noise has started. Its been doing it every day, usually when I run a render in Maya, can take an hour.

Then a first new problem started. the PC shuts down, no blue screen, just a shut down.... just after the noise and not always when using Maya. Loading the Windows 7 OS is fine. But now the fan sounds like noise in propeller aircraft whirring around and again when I boot up Maya.

New problem today, monitor said 'going to sleep'. I am going to freak out soon...

I think 2 issues are here, but one may be the power supply or so another forum tells me. One link told me to check sunpower as they have deals, - anyone recommend any of these, and I have choices from amazon, and my local PC world.

specs on the machine: Intel Core i5-4430 processor + 6M Cache, 3.2 GHz. Asus P5GC-MX 945GC motherboard, 1TB - 7200RPM SATA II hard drive.
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  1. How is the dust situation inside the case?
    What are the temps when it shuts down?

    It may well be a dying PSU, but find the actual problem before buying new parts.
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