My Windows 8 PC will not boot up at all..... stuck on BIOS

This is frustrating. Extremely frustrating.

I have a pretty new computer. Just a few months old. It is supposed to be a good one.

Dell XPS 8500
Quad core i7 processor
lots of memory and extras

This computer also has the 64 bit edition of Windows 8 installed on it. Windows 8 is driving me up the wall!!! I have had numerous problems with it since day 1.

As recently as a few days ago, my system was running reasonably okay. Then I downloaded a driver for my network card from the website. From that point on, I cannot get my computer to boot up properly. I have turned my computer off and on multiple times in hopes that it would correct whatever is wrong.

When I first turn my PC on, it will stay stuck at the Dell logo window for a while.

Sometimes it will make it past that and it will give me an error message that says:

"error sending end of post message to ME, system HALT!"

Also, I sometimes get a message which says:

"the last USB device you connected to the computer malfunctioned, and Windows did not recognize it.

Try reconnecting the device. If windows still does not recognize it, your device may not be working properly."

This is insanity. I have NOT connected any new USB devices to my computer.

I do not know what to do. I figured that the easiest thing might be to try simply reinstalling Windows 8 from scratch. So I inserted my Windows 8 reinstall disk that Dell sent me when I bought this thing. However, my computer will not boot from this disk. So I guess I am stuck.

Please help.

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  1. If you can't get into the bios or hit the boot device menu at start up.
    You may have a bad keyboard or mouse or bad USB port or a bent pin on the USB port. To get the disk to work in the bios you have to set it as the first boot device. Also unplug any other USB devises to rule out bad ables or device.
  2. An update on this situation......

    It just goes to show, sometimes you just never really know what is wrong.

    I will post the results here in case anyone else ever has this same problem and they happen to stumble across this thread.....

    My computer has a couple of external storage devices hooked up. One of them is a Mediasonic H82-Su3S2. It holds eight 3.5" sata drives. I also have a few other random storage drives hooked up to my PC as well.

    I had more than one of these drives connected to my computer with USB 3.0 cables. For whatever reason, that caused some sort of conflict.

    I unplugged all of the USB devices and then restarted my computer. It fired up perfectly. Then I plugged in my large Mediasonic enclosure with a USB 3.0 cable and everything is fine.

    Evidently it is okay to hook up ONE of the external drives with the USB 3.0 cable but it is NOT okay to hook up more than one external drive with USB 3.0. I guess the other drives need to connect using USB 2.0.

  3. If all those drives are pulling power from USB and not wall ac adaptor your USB port running out of power.
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