WD Passport Works With One Laptop, But Not Another

One is a Toshiba, and one an HP. Both have 3 usb ports. On the Toshiba, all of the USB ports recognize my Passport. On the HP, none of them do. They are both Win 7. The HP is newer, faster, has more memory. When I check the device manager, it sees whichever port I try to hook it up to, and it says there is no driver installed. So I'm not buying it that the drivers are already installed in the laptop. Doesn't WD support their own product? I can't even find anything at their site that proposes a resolution.
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  1. Is the toshiba 32 bit windows and the HP 64bit? Install the 32bit drivers onto the hp.
  2. They're both 64 bit.
    I have two passport units. The older one works on both of the laptops, on any of the USB ports. This other passport, the larger of capacity of the two, works on the Toshiba but not the HP. I can *sometimes* coax it into recognizing it, but not long enough to transfer the data into the hard drive. I just want to dump it out so that I can throw it away and try a brand that is more reliable. Any other ideas?
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