Seagate vs. Hitachi: SSHD upgrade for macbook pro?

Hey guys, currently upgrading my hard drive of a 2009 mbp, mostly to increase capacity (from the poxy 160gb it came with) but tempted by solid state tech for speed.

Looking at 2 at about the right price range:
Seagate momentus 500GB

and Hitachi travelstar 1TB

Can anyone recomend either of these over the other (not too fussed about double capacity in the 2nd as i just don't use that much space)

Also do we think this is a good upgrade to make at all, will the extra speed be wasted on the old laptop (with upgraded memory) and as i have a bit of trouble with overheating, will these drives improve this or make it worse?

thanks for any help,
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  1. I just upgraded my 2010 mbp with a 960gb Crucial M500 SSD and it really breathed new life into my aging machine. While you won't experience a big difference with the Hitachi, the Seagate would be a substantial upgrade. If you want a big upgrade, however, a 128 or 256 gigabyte SSD will make worlds of difference.

    If you need help deciding which SSD will be best, I'll be happy to lend you some advice...
  2. The Seagate thin laptop drive is their new line, 5400 rpm with 8GB nand flash which will speed up most typical users. It primarily speeds up boot times as it caches reads leaving writes to be handled by the 5400rpm spinning platters.

    The Hitachi is a 7200 rpm drive and id recommended for anyone doing drive intensive work.

    The Seagate would consume less power than the hitachi if you're concerned about batter life. If you are considering the Hitach, please insure it will fit the MBP as it is 9.5mm height.
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