ASUS GTX 770 DirectCU II OC or EVGA GTX 770 SC w/ ACX Cooler

Hello everyone!
Between video cards above which you think is better?

EVGA is a little faster than ASUS.
But ASUS's heatsink seems to help to extract video card heat from case, which I think is better.
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  1. EVGA, no question. Cheaper, better customer service, only a dual slot card, better performance and quieter. Sure, the cooling is not as good, but the difference will only be a few degrees at the most.
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    ACX is where your money should be right now... The Asus DirectCU is good, but in the long run you will have a better future since you could add another ACX with it and so on. Im not an EVGA fanboy, but everyone, even admins are going in on this deal. Have fun upgrading to the 700 series.
  3. Thanks guys!
  4. Actually Asus is a dual slot this time which is shocking since almost all their high end cards are 3 slot but their 780 is dual. Everyone says evga service is great so hard choice. I think I'm going with Asus...ordering mine Monday just saw stock voltage OC Asus to 1090 core. I was just disappointed with Asus clock but knowing this I'm not worried. Asus runs cooler but that's because of lower clock. Even still 2-3 degree difference. I still might go evga I got a day to decided. I know I didn't help lol
  5. I have Asus, I am easily running with the same clock like EVGA. In fact card is completely stable (and below 80C) with 1148/1200 MHz, 7.8 GHz.
    So my response is take Asus and overclock it, which is (by the way) really simple.

    and Asus looks much better...
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