Why do people think keyboard and mouse is better for FPS?

I don't understand this, isn't it just up to preference

The reasons they have is:

The Keyboard has more keys (Fair enough for MMO's / RPG's but for FPS the controllers have more than enough Buttons)

One Hand for aiming and the other for actions (I Play Claw, so my fingers are on the analog sticks all the time so i do not loose anything whilst clicking the action buttons)

Point and Click - They say that you have more precision, instead of having to jam your joystick to the edge of your controller (I use Kontrol Freeks and a High Sensitivity, and have no trouble aiming, i would never need to jam my analog sticks into the edge of the controller just to aim at someone)

Im not arguing here but am getting alot of hate when im playing on PC how i am a noob for using a controller, i just want to ask if there is actually a benefit for me learning keyboard/mouse? Will it make me a better player?
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  1. Basically, its easy to learn a mouse and you can 180 flip in a millisecond when you know what twitch is needed to spin to any location. No matter the sensitivity setting I can always spin faster with a mouse than controller
  2. I use K/M because the mouse can allow for better aim precision especially when I can quick change the DPI setting for more control when sniping.

    I don't play console games so I am not used to a controller. The time I played a game on a console was the original Halo game.
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    -far more precise than a joystick
    -faster movement than a joystick
    -scroll wheel controls zoom levels exactly
    -left/right click easily control fire modes
    -extra buttons can be mapped to other commands

    -movement key input is faster with wasd or arrow keys
    -it is easier to make complex movement changes
    -you can map weapons to numerics
    -you can type on the keyboard if you want to say hello

    a mouse and keyboard is generally more accurate with faster input and additional features which makes it superior to a gamepad for fps.

    this is why consoles often do not play with computers and why often you find "auto aim" type features on console games.

    the only games which perform better on a pc with a controller may be action based games or rpgs and only if you find the keyboard and mouse layouts to be confusing.

    i've had the opportunity to play the exact same game on a pc with a mouse and keyboard and a ps3 with a controller and i have to say the pc wins hands down. i'm not saying there arent good players with controllers just that a good player with a pc is going to be better.

    one plus side to a controller is that you can lean back and relax.
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