Spilled water over pc , need some advice .

Hello. This morning I ended up spilling half a vase full of water all over my tower :(. The pc was completely unplugged without any cables what so ever in it since I had just moved it away from under my desk.

A lot of water spilled inside, all over my psu , my motherboard , my memory.... Everywhere. I dried it to the best of my ability and now it's just sitting there , unplugged and sad....

Is there a chance things will be fine ? Like I said , it was unplugged so nothing really short circuited or anything I think.

I'm thinking of letting it just sit the and dry for like 3 days .

Do you guys think my pc will be fine if I just let it dry long enough ? If so do you have any tips on how best to dry it ?

Any input on this would be greatly appreciated , I love my pc very much (I know that sounds stupid , but what can I say it's true.) and and well honestly I put a lot of money in it. I can't bare to think all my stuff is going to be broken. I have literally bought a new motherboard and ram about 2 months ago.

Anyways let me know what I guys think , thank you very much in advance.
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  1. Should be fine if it wasnt on when water spilled
  2. Let it dry, and you'll be fine. Methylated alcohol can help, as it replaces the water but evaporates much faster.
  3. First off the water contains a large amount of minerals that when dried will leave conductive paths.

    This is what I would do.
    1) Completely disassemble.
    2) Buy a 5 gallon bucket, a couple of gallons of distilled water, and about 4 bottles of Alcohol.
    3) PSU - Put in bucket, cover with distilled water, agitate gentily, remove and set aside.
    4) repeat with other components (MB, Ram, GPU). EXCEPT CD/DVD and HDDs.
    5) Repeat a 2nd time, But use the 4 bottles of alcohol, Can Add distilled water to it.

    Heat oven to about 150 F, turn oven off and place components in oven for a couple of hours.

    Let dry over night and reassemble - CROSS fingers.

    Note: Above is what I did to a Computer that was in a House fire - FDD face plate was warped and system had smoke marks.
    I resembled and it worked (Excluding keyboard, mouse and monitor which were too warped).
  4. Unplugged a BIG plus. Take the side off & let a fan blow on it for a week. my fingers are crossed.
  5. I agree with most previous advices and add my own; Remove the PSU and open it's cover, and either blow air into it, or leave it open to vent and dry... leave it on direct sunlight for a few hour if possible to accelerate the evaporation.

    You can also vent the case components or blow air into it from a compressed air can, a household fan, or manually... for a while. You can also leave it open to vent for at least 24 hours, closer to 48 would be safer.

    Following up on DarkSable's suggestion you could spray methyl alchohol inside the case concentrating on those components that received the most water... wait for the alchohol to completely evaporate, wait an additional 6 to 12 hour period depending on ambient temperature and and air humidity, and put the PSU back on.

    Removing the BIOS battery would be a good idea as it keeps the BIOS powered, so removing any source of power while it dries would be adviseable.

    Some related tips here
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