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Help! Linksys AC E6500 router issues with speed using usb thumb drives.

June 23, 2013 6:09:56 PM

At my workplace we are using a Linksys AC E6500 router to distribute files to everyone logged in using wireless dual band-N (at least) or AC wireless adapters. The issue we are having is that the samba system used to distribute the USB drives on the network keeps going down for some odd reason. We can have at most 8 people on the network at once reading and writing to those drives. Now I know that we shouldn't be doing things this way and that we need NAS, but in the meantime (until we have the cash) is there any way we can use external hard drives on these things to increase the speed at least? I'm sure this wont keep the system from going down but it is what it is until we at least get some reliable network storage setup (Diskless NAS or something). So I guess my question is will our read/write speeds improve any? Or are we limited by the processor and ram built into the router? Does having two thumb drives vs one hooked up at once make a big difference in speed?

Thanks for the help gents and/or ladies.