Family Movie PC. Celeron graphics good enough?

I'm building a family PC for movie playback and streaming from Hulu and other websites. Celeron G1610 cpu in an ASRock B75 itx board. Are the standard Intel HD graphics good enough for trouble-free playback? 1920x1080 pixel Television LCD. BluRay playback is not important.

Another question: Can you recommend a good computer/task chair whose foam seat cushion doesn't crush down to nothing after a few months... less than $300 US? I'm not that heavy, but my skinny boney rump seems to ruin seat cushions rather quickly.
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    I would get a cheap video card, this would work
    The slower CPUs tend to have issues with HD video, and since you are making this specifically for video, you'd want to get a good video card for that use.

    This may help with the chair issue, just pick up a few of those and replace if you need to.
  2. Thanks for the reply hang-the-9. I have a spare AMD HD6670 card that I can use, but don't want to waste it if not necessary. Also, the seat cushion looks like a good option and easily replaceable at that price. I'll give it a try.
  3. A Radeon 6670 is a bit more than you need for HD movies, but you will almost certainly want something more than the onboard video. Try it and see how it runs without one, or just use a slightly faster chip and video chipset to make the system.
  4. Looks like a sensible plan. I'll try the Celeron graphics for a month, then decide between the HD6450 or Pentium if the Celeron can't cut the mustard. Thanks again.
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