SSD Showing Very Little Available Storage

Hello, everyone.
I have a Intel 520 SSD 128GB, I recently formatted my computer and everything I download on my computer, I download on different hard drives.
However, even though I don't have a recycle bin active and I barely have any files on C:, it shows as if it only had "24GB" available.
I checked all my primary folders on C:, and I am using about 30GB tops. I have Windows 8 64Bit, but I barely have any apps installed besides Skype.
Can someone, please, help me?
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    It could be being eaten up by pagefyle.sys, hiberfile.sys, system updates, temp files and system restore.

    WinDirStat may help shed some light:

    You might also try ccleaner:
  2. Hey! Thanks for your answer.
    I ran WinDirStat and I ended up having 57.8GB under "files" (mostly because of hiberfile.sys and pagefile.sys).
    Thanks a lot! I just need to find out how to delete them now. :]

    By the way, I have 32GB of ram memory, should I keep pagefile or remove it?
  3. Depending on what you are using the computer for, you may not need a pagefile, but I recommend having at least 768 MB pagefile.
    You can reduce the page file by;
    Start -> Right Click "Computer" -> Properties -> Advanced System Settings -> Advanced tab -> under Performance click Settings -> Advanced tab -> under Virtual Memory click Change.

    For the Hyberfile.sys check:
    Start -> Control Panel -> Power Options -> Change When the computer sleeps -> Change Advanced Options -> expand Sleep, and change Hibernate to "Never"
    Then to to Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> right click on Command Prompt and select Run as Administrator. paste this command and press enter:
    powercfg -h off
    Hibernation is now completely disabled and if the file remains, it can be safely deleted.
  4. I use my computer for gaming, mostly. I reduced it to zero and I haven't notice any real changes.
    Besides that, I also watch videos from time to time.
  5. In that case, with hibernation disabled, you likely will not need a pagefile.
    If you ever get a windows error warning of low memory or have trouble resuming the computer from sleep, the lack of page file is why, and should be turned back on, but unless that happens, you should be just fine without it. Also if you have not done so, you should disable Indexing of files on the SSD. (Open "Computer" Right click the drive -> Properties -> remove checkbox for "Allow files on this drive to have its contents indexed")
  6. Done! :]
    Thank you so much for all your support!
    You're awesome!
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