Corsair Force SSD GS or Corsair Neutron SSD

In my next build i was thinking of either using one of these and i was wondering which would give me the fastest boottimes and Read/Write times?

EDIT: or is the samsung 840 pro faster?
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    Yes, Samsung 840 Pro is faster.

    P/s : All Corsair SSDs are craps.
  2. I am using corsair force gs 128gb version. I am very happy with it to be honest. I have a 3 year old system and having only sata2 but force gs even shines with it reaching 250-300Mb/s write speeds and 500mb/S reading speeds. Computer boots in less than 7-8seconds.

    But yea as a general sense people say Samsung is more reliable.
  3. thanks guys, i guess i will get the samsung 840 pro :D
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