How to remove windows 8?

I reformatted the partition with win8 on it, but windows 8 still appears on boot menu?
here is my partition setup:
Name - Type -
Disk 0 Part 1: WINRE_DRV OEM(Reserved)
Disk 0 Part 2: SYSTEM_ DRV System
Disk 0 Part 3: LRS_ESM OEM(Reserved)
Disk 0 Part 4: MSR (Reserved)
Disk 0 Part 5: Primary (884gb)
Disk 0 Part 6: LENOVA Primary
Disk 0 Part 7:PBR_DRV OEM(Reserved)

When i run windows 8, it goes straight to system repair and fails to repair because windows 8 isn't on the system..(It was on part 5 but i reformatted it to get rid of windows 8 and install windows 7 instead)

How can I get rid of win8 all together?
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    Hello Chas3down

    The process of getting rid of everything on your computer is pretty straightforward.

    If the hard disk drive doesn't contain any important information, you can delete all the partitions (volumes) one by one. After deleting the partitions, you can then try reinstalling the operating system of your choice right from the scratch.

    If you have some important data in the hard disk and/or if you want to preserve the current state of of your system for further inspection and research & development purposes, you can download the evaluation copy of the latest Acronis TrueImage 2013 that also has support for Windows 8. Acronis TrueImage allows you to create Acronis Bootable Media (at least some earlier versions did).

    Download link:

    After creating the bootable media, you can use that media to boot the system and back up the image of each drive. The images can be saved on any other removable media. (You can download the Acronis TrueImage user guide for detailed instructions).

    Let me know if this is helpful.
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