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As the title says I need a cheap work laptop. All I need it to do is run office and primarily access. No games. No other programs. No nothing. Would prefer it to be as cheap as possible with a decent sized screen but cheap price is the main desire.
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  1. what country?
  2. My bad sorry, I live in America.
  3. The Lenovo Outlet has some great used laptops. Scratch & Dent for $241 with an A6 processor. You can go with used or new if you like but scratch and dent just have cosmetic flaws, the hardware works properly. Here is an example. Happy hunting through the Lenovo Outlet.

    Here is a 14"

    15.6" Version

    Personally I would go with this i3 Refurbished Thinkpad (GREAT FOR WORK! Lots of doctors carry it around for its lightweight, flexibility and durability) its also only $314. The reason is that intel mobile processors are more of a powerhouse (on the lower spectrum and the HIGH and extreme spectrum). AMD processors tend to go with "Cheap and cost effective at mid-range gaming"

    So an i3 will do all the office work you want it to do whereas the A6 is really meant to "Game a little and do a little work" the i3 is "DO A LOT OF WORK AND NO GAMES" Go with the i3

    Go with this laptop
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