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I have a 4 year old Dell Vostro 1320 laptop with 2 x 2GB 800MHz DDR2 Hynix memory installed.

After a recent soft fall, on starting the laptop with both the slots connected, I get an error code - Num lock blinks, Caps lock and Scroll Lock lit and refuses to boot. I tried all combinations of the DIMMs and Slots and found that both the modules work fine while the bottom slot seems to be damaged. There seems to be no visual physical damage on the slots.

Is there a way to test and maybe get the slot repaired?

I am quite happy with the performance of the laptop and intend to use it for 1 more year and then there is no point in changing the motherboard if it costs close to 20-30% of a new laptop.
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  1. Might see if any of your friends are into electronics or know of someone that is, a shop would prob charge $50 to even look at it
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