DCM475 with more host

Hi, thank for your interest :)
I just switched ISP and I will now use a DCM475 modem for the connection
That modem have a integrated DHCP server that can allocate up to 32 address.

The problem is that i require about 32 to 128 address for a small business I want to start.
I plan to use 1 router for the DHCP and firewall, 12 dedicated wireless
access point and unmanaged gigabit switch for the wired lan.

I have the first Cisco certification, so I know how the setup a smaller network, but with that size I'm a bit lost, every simulation I try in Cisco Packet Tracer fail.
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    Setup the modem as a modem only, turn off DHCP. Then get a corporate level ruter like a Soinicwal (TZ100 is probably the cheapest) or a real Cisco router (not the cheaper ones they sell to WalMart).

    The issue is not only the IPs but also how the router performs with that much traffic though it. You need a robust one.
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