Asus Z87 LED Lights on boot

So I just finished building my first pc and there is one thing that i'm worried about currently and that is the LED lights on the motherboard that light up as soon as I press the power button. From what I have read if they stay on there is a hardware component error with whatever the LED light is on for.
THE LED LIGHTS DO NOT REMAIN ON. They just light up one at a time for less in a second each when I press the power button. Just wanted to ask for anyone who has done a Z87 build if this is normal?
Also, not sure if the LED lights are on other branded motherboards or not so I put ASUS up on the title.
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    All asus mb do that the only led that stays on is he green power good led.
    The CPU and ram led blink red at power up and turn off.
  2. Thanks, finally found a video that shows the motherboard when power is turned on. Looks like that is all normal.
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